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Alexander Oloo

Alex is an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. He’s been writing code for over a decade, both front and back. From Assembly to C and Node to Vue. And of course lots and lots of Clojure. While the sun is up, Alex is the Head of Design at Absa Bank where he works with the most awesome bunch of humans. At the moment he’s focusing on building a world class design org in which designers and process engineers can thrive. Prior to his time at Absa, Alex was a bioengineer, lectured at the University of Pretoria, and worked in 3 early-stage startups.



Firetomic: Replacing Datomic with Datahike and Firebase

By Alexander Oloo

Years ago, after being inspired by Clojure and Datomic, I rushed to rebuild all my stacks. As any good dev would. The complexity and cost of setting Datomic up were beyond my reach at the time. And so began the outrageous journey to build a Datomic on top of Firebase This talk is about the scars and lesson along the way. We’ll explore the core concepts, features and practical examples of replikativ’s konserve and datahike as well as Firebase. We’ll also explore how combining these three resulted in the store of our dreams. Firetomic. It’s gonna be a goodie. See you there!