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Ben Sless

Ben works with Clojure since 2018 at Appsflyer building large scale event driven backend systems. He developed an unhealthy interest in performance and profiling, developed clj-fast, and contributes performance related work, mainly to malli. He's also at risk of writing blog posts whenever someone says Clojure is slow.



Dressed Up Performance (In Clojure)

By Ben Sless

Clojure is dynamically typed and lets its users work at a high level of abstraction. The price of this great power is often in performance, and Clojure is often criticized for its performance in relation to other languages, from Java to Common Lisp. In this talk I'll present how by using two of Clojure's fundamental building blocks, macros and higher order functions, Clojure code can be sped up significantly without sacrificing common idioms. I will go over profiling techniques, findings, and demonstrate how such gains can apply to real world applications. "Premature optimization is the root of all evil. *Yet we should not pass up our opportunities in that critical 3%.*" This talk is for those 3% of cases, the curious, and a spiritual successor to Tommi Reiman's Naked Performance talk