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Eric Normand

Eric Normand is a long time functional programmer excited to see it entering the mainstream. He loves teaching and cooking. You can listen to his thoughts on his podcast (https://lispcast.com/podcast) and read his thoughts in The PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter (https://purelyfunctional.tv/newsletter). If you visit him in New Orleans, you can meet his wife and daughters. He'll even make you some gumbo if you tell him you're coming.



The Art of Domain Modeling

By Eric Normand

After you've mastered immutable data and higher-order functions, what's next in functional programming? Domain modeling is the next-level skill that few functional programmers learn. But a good domain model can mean the difference between a painful codebase and a joyful one. And it's not just programmer morale that hangs in the balance. A better model can help the business deliver more value. In this talk, you will explore the art of domain modeling. You will learn to see past software design rules of thumb. Instead, you will discover an analytical framework for building and improving software models of a domain. That framework will help you in functional programming or in whatever paradigm or language you are using.