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Tovieye Ozi

Tovieye Moses Ozi is a full stack software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has worked in Javascript, Python, PHP but his language of choice is Clojure. Tovieye is currently working with Clojure at HUDStats https://hudstats.com/. Interests: Clojure, 3D Math Visualization in Virtual Reality.



Automatic Differentiation in Clojure with SICMUtils

By Tovieye Ozi

Have you seen a Math or Physics Equation and wanted to work with them using your computer, but thought that you need some special language such as Matlab or Python? This talk will show that it is possible to accomplish this in Clojure using the SICMUtils Library. This talk will show how to do automatic differentiation in Clojure using the SICMUtils Library. I will explain what a derivative is, show how you can transcribe equations to a Clojure using the SICM and provide some background on auto differentiation. We will also demonstrate a nice workflow for these types of investigations using two other Clojure libraries:* Clerk - a notebook that connects to your editor * Hanami - a charting tool built on Vega