A picture of Sami Kallinen.

Sami Kallinen

Sami is part of the generation who first hacked 8-bit computers in the early 80’s. A seasoned executive with three superpowers — data & AI, visionary leadership, and media. For Sami, transformation is about understanding that everything today is software. Kallinen founded his first professional online media service almost 25 years ago. For three years he worked in the CDO role at Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, where he was responsible for driving the modernisation of the application architecture, and introducing AI and data platforms early on to the organisation. Later, he worked in the management team of KSF Media for two years with CDO & CTO responsibilities. Sami has implemented radical transformation programmes both in terms of product development and leadership. Since 4 - 5 years ago, when it became apparent that data & AI are both a question of business hygiene and competitive advantage, the subject has very much been at the centre of Sami’s focus.



Clojure's Emerging Data Ecosystem: An Incomplete Tour at the REPL

By Sami Kallinen and Ethan Miller

Ethan and Sami will demonstrate the utility and accessibility of the growing "stack" of tools that make undertaking data research in Clojure increasingly pleasurable. We will look at a concrete use case and illustrate how to use some but not all of the available tools. Hence this will be an "incomplete" tour. Our aim is that the person who has watched this talk will know how to get started on their own analysis using these tools.