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Alys Brooks

Alys Brooks is a software developer at [Gaiwan](https://gaiwan.co/), working on client projects across the stack and contributing to [Gaiwan](https://gaiwan.co/)'s [Lambda Island](https://lambdaisland.com/) open source projects. Before joining [Gaiwan](https://gaiwan.co/), she was a technical writer, and remains interested in communicating technical concepts accurately and engagingly. In her free time, she enjoys photography, running, and game development. She lives with her cat and way too many books in Wisconsin.



Taking Stock of Your Documentation

Much like writing tests, backing up, and flossing, we know we should document…but don’t always. After all, documentation provides a friendly entry to newcomers, helps intermediate users level up, and constitutes a primary reference for veterans. But the breadth of documentation can make it hard to know where to start. This talk explains how to divide documentation conceptually into major categories and then practically into small tasks you can fit into the end of a workday or tack on to a related PR.