A picture of Daniel Higginbotham.

Daniel Higginbotham

Daniel is the author of Clojure for the Brave and True. He cares a lot about helping people do cool stuff. Some places he’s worked include McKinsey & Company and Apple.


Donut, a Sweet New Clojure Framework for Building Your Online Business

Clojure is known as a great language for experienced developers who can appreciate its benefits as a long-term investment. But what if we made those benefits more immediately available? What if even novice developers could easily reap the rewards of living the Clojure lifestyle, instead of arriving here after getting pummeled by other languages? My hope is that a new single-page app framework called Donut can fill this need. Donut is designed for indie hackers, people trying to improve their lives and the lives of other by building something useful. The vision for it is to empower even beginners to build online businesses. In this talk, I'll show you what the framework can do so far. I'll also explain the design approach taken to improve Donut's ability to meet the needs of indie hackers. Finally, I'll discuss how the design of the framework has a product mindset, providing a coherent and appealing set of tools with a clear value proposition, and how I think that can help drive Clojure adoption.