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Biff: Self-Hosted Firebase for Clojure

Jacob O'Bryant

The Talk

Lots of great work has gone into making Clojure simple. Biff is my attempt to make web dev in Clojure easy. Biff is a batteries-included, full-stack web framework inspired by Firebase. It has comprehensive documentation, and it emphasizes decomposability: as your project grows, Biff doesn't get in the way (as often happens with frameworks).

I've been running my own startup on Biff since May. I'll give a quick overview of Biff and show how you can try it out for your next side project.


Jacob O'Bryant has been using Clojure since 2016, primarily for building recommender systems. He currently works full-time on He graduated from Brigham Young University in 2017 and is now based in the greater Seattle area. He likes music, cats, and long walks on the beach.