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Building Resilient Services in Clojure

Mourjo Sen

The Talk

Building resilient web services in Clojure. By employing strategies like circuit breakers, load shedding, graceful restarts among other practices that make services written in Clojure battle ready for production systems.


My journey with Computer Science started in Calcutta, India. It has taken me to the French Riviera for a research graduate program at Inria and then back again to India as a "Software Artisan" in the backend engineering team at Helpshift for the last five years as a Clojure developer. I have worked on building systems that handle high scale and high availability. I write about Clojure-related topics on my blog. I like to read and learn about software systems in general and distributed systems in particular. The two last books I read are "Designing data-intensive applications" by Martin Kleppman and "Java Concurrency in Practice" by Brian Goetz. Currently I am reading "High Performance Browser Networking" by Ilya Grigorik.