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How To Be a REPL Sorcerer

Oliver Caldwell

The Talk

From beginner to expert Clojure users, there are huge gaps and misconceptions about what a REPL really means for your workflow. Some have grasped more of the potential than others, I hope to raise the bar across all experience levels and show what can be done with some research and practice with your editor of choice.

I'll be showing you all of the tools and tricks I can think of through the medium of Conjure in Neovim which can be translated to vim-iced, vim-fireplace, Calva, CIDER, Cursive and more! It's a tour of general concepts and actions that can be performed through a REPL connected to your editor so there should be something for everyone.


Ollie has been working with Clojure and REPL driven development day to day for around the last four years. He's currently working at Viasat on a number of Clojure services and tools. Ollie's side project work for as long as he can remember has centered around REPL tooling and UX, namely Conjure for Neovim. In his talk he'll share his learnings from hacking on the socket REPL and prepl as well as nREPL, CIDER, Neovim, Fennel and Lua. Expect a whirlwind tour of different ways of wielding a REPL and interacting with your program through your editor as well as key tips to getting the most out of your REPL experience.