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Dockerize integration tests with "Testcontainers"

Tim Zöller

The Talk

"One of the most complicated parts of integration tests is setting up the environment, e.g. databases, message brokers, cache providers. Often these services are executed manually / scripted in different environments, increasing need for infrastructure documentation and knowledge of a certain set of tasks that have to be executed.

In this session I will demonstrate a Clojure wrapper of the popular Java library ""Testcontainers"". It provides functions for developers to define which Docker images should be available during integration tests and how they are configured.This enables everybody who has Docker installed on their machine to run integration tests in the Clojure Test cycle without any other tools."


Tim works with the JVM for more than ten years and has 7 years of experience as an IT Consultant. He co-founded the company lambdaschmiede GmbH and the Java Usergroup Mainz and is a regular author for the german magazine "Java Magazin".