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Christopher Small

Chris is a math geek turned software engineer and data scientist. About a decade ago, Clojure graced Chris' life with the miracle of simplicity, and he has been a passionate devotee ever since. He is currently the Research Director at The Computational Democracy Project, a nonprofit which seeks to make governance a better reflection of the public will by using data science and machine learning (and Clojure) to map out and synthesize the opinion landscapes around complex issues, helping people better understand "the other side", overcome partisan divides and find consensus



Scaling deliberation with data science (and Clojure)

By Christopher Small

This talk is a story about how we've used Clojure to build Polis, a data science system for scalable deliberation, and how it can help us shape healthier democracies. One part quixotic fever dream, one part experience report, we'll look at both what Clojure has to offer data science, and what data science has to offer the world of civic engagement. Please join us and learn how you can help resolve conflict and elevate the public's voice in governance.