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2019 Conference

2nd December, London

About reClojure

About reClojure

reClojure is a community-driven effort to bring together knowledgeable speakers to present new and exciting topics on all things Clojure and Clojurescript. It is our intention to keep the conferences lean, inclusive and rewarding to all attendees and to promote other reClojure conferences throughout the UK.

Please note! All attendees or visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are not permitted to consume alcohol at the Event.

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Crypt on the Green, Saint James Church, Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0EA


2 December 2019

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

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Building stuff with Clojure and 3D Printing. Clément Salaün.


How to design objects with Clojure, OpenSCAD and then 3D print them. This talk covers the motivations, basic concepts and features with a live demo.

Clojure Art. Karl Brodowsky.


Teaching or learning Clojure using images has been proven to be fun and beneficial! In this talk, learn how.

Coffee/Tea and Biscuits Break (Thank You Griffin!).

Growing Mobile Apps with ClojureScript and React Native. Daniel Neal.


Starting things is fun, but growing them can be a real challenge - and mobile apps are no different...

Live Coding a Mandelbrot Renderer. Peter Westmacott.

code & slides

In this talk, Peter will demonstrate live coding of a fractal renderer, with the aim to show how complex beauty can emerge from simple mathematical rules and a little code.

Pizza Party Lunch (Thank You uSwitch!)

Unleash the power of the REPL. Dana Borinski.


Return to basics and dive into how to leverage the REPL to solve problems and debug more quickly - and with the added bonus of honing our Clojure skills!

Generating Generators. Andy Chambers.


Generating data for use in tests can be laborious and boring. However, using the database's information schema you can alleviate that! Discover the ways to achieve this.

Coffee/Tea and Biscuits Break (Thank You Griffin!).

Living in a Box. Life in Containers with the JVM. Matthew Gilliard.


A focus on how containers and the JVM interact and what implications are there for Clojure Developers. Get the best results from the work gone into OpenJDK container support.

Closing Keynote - Code, meet data! Malcolm Sparks.

Computers have 3 jobs: Input, process, output. How have we made such a mess of something so fundamental? Observations, opportunities for Clojurists and hope for the future.

Closing Notes. Various Speakers.

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Crypt on the Green

Saint James Church

Clerkenwell Close

London, EC1R 0EA

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