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David Vujic

My name is David and I'm a software developer. Colleagues and friends may know me as an early adopter of agile ideas and test driven development. I am passionate about things like that, and share the things I learn regularly to the community and the people I work with. I have participated as speaker at conferences and meetups like PyCon Sweden, Func Prog Sweden, dotNetConf, jDays, DevSum and NDC Oslo.



Component Driven ClojureScript with Storybook

By David Vujic

There are many different aspects of developing an app. It can be difficult to handle all of them at the same time. With Component Driven Design, you develop UI components one at a time, in isolation. When ready, you combine components to create features. Storybook is a tool that helps you with this way of working. With Storybook, you can focus on styling, viewports and events when developing a single component. Without the need to run it within your app. In this talk, I will demo how you can add and use Storybook to your ClojureScript app.