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Martin Kavalar

Martin Kavalar and his small team have been building and running Sauspiel, an online community for the traditional German card game Schafkopf, for fifteen years. They are now leveraging that experience to build NextJournal, a computational notebook designed to facilitate collaboration, reproducibility, and reuse in the sciences.



Clerk: Local-First Notebooks for Clojure

By Martin Kavalar

Like the idea of notebooks, but hate leaving your favorite editor? We present Clerk, a tool that enables a rich, local-first notebook experience using standard Clojure namespaces. We'll take a deep dive into Clerk's internals. Attendees will learn how Clerk leverages static analysis and caching to deliver fast feedback loops through incremental computation. Next, we'll look into how Clerks viewer system works and how users can adapt it to their problem at hand. Finally we'll look at how Clerk can work in tandem with various libraries in the Clojure ecosystem.