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Paula Gearon

An avid Clojure developer, Paula likes to work in the most technical parts of a system building the infrastructure that lets other developers do their jobs. She has been the technical lead on several commercial and open source projects, with a focus on data storage and processing, and was a lead editor for the SPARQL standard for accessing RDF databases. When not coding, she does triathlons, cooks, helps her children with homework, and mentors and supports young members of Women Who Code. Originally from Australia, she currently lives with her family in Virginia, in the USA.



Not your mother's Datalog

By Paula Gearon

There have been a number of Clojure graph databases introduced since Datomic was first released in 2012. They each share a "Datalog based query language" which has been the first time many people have heard of Datalog. However, as the developer of a Clojure graph database (Asami) I get very frustrated when I hear that these databases are queried with "Datalog". Because their query language is not Datalog. Although it is. Sort of. Datalog is a logic programming language for databases that was developed in academia in the 1980s. But if the academics who invented this system were to approach a Clojure graph database they would not recognize much at all. This talk will explore how graph databases align with Datalog, and how the graph query languages both meet and fall short of the expectations of Datalog. It will also demonstrate how Datalog also maps to other systems, such as relational databases with SQL.