A picture of Philippa Markovics.

Philippa Markovics

Philippa works as UI Designer and Frontend Lead at Nextjournal. Her main interests are in how we can make programming more tangible and data science more accessible. When she’s not working, you can find her planting food plots somewhere in the Austrian countryside.


Moldable Live Programming with Clerk

Clerk is an open-source programmer’s assistant for Clojure that combines the advantages of notebooks like Jupyter, Smalltalk-style Moldable Development, and using one’s favorite editor. We’ll embark on a tour through use cases — from data analysis, generative art, moldable documentation to small local-first apps — all with very little code and bypassing what would otherwise be a lot of distracting UI programming. Attendees will learn how Clerk has evolved to be a complement to the REPL, how to build custom views to gain better insight into a problem and how you can share that with others.